The Sword

Aunt Laquita: Momma do you remember a sword?
Dorena: Yes
Aunt Laquita: Who's house was it in?
Dorena: Jesse's House
Aunt Laquita: Who did the sword belong to?
Dorena: William Oliver, of course, he had the Plantation and his mother was a Pendleton. He died in the Civil War.

I told you she remembers well some days
-Theresa Young, August 2001


Me, Aunt Gertha and the sword

Now the documentation of our family plus a few stories and comments:

In addition to information noted as being undocumented, information enclosed with "{}" is undocumented.

Generation No. 11.

John J.1 Oliver was born 1810 in Georgia. He married Louisa Emily Pendleton, Dec 4, 1828 in Butts Co., GA. She was born 1809, the daughter of Coleman Pendleton and Martha Gilbert.

Children of John J. Oliver and Louisa Emily Pendleton:

i. Coleman Pendleton, b. abt. 1830, m. Nancy O. Mann
2 iii. William H., b. abt. 1832, d. Aug 23, 1864, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA, m. Serena Allen
ii. Joseph C., b. abt. 1841
iii. Phillip, b. abt. 1842
iv. Emily., b. abt. 1844
v. Winston, b. abt. 1846
vi. Samantha, b. abt. 1849, m. James W. Allen Dec 15, 1867
vii. Alonzo Monroe, b. abt. 1854, m. Sarah Rebecca Milam Dec 28, 1873

Currently there is no documentation supporting John J. Oliver as William H. Oliver's father. There is documentation supporting: William H. Oliver's son, Churchill Allen lived in the household of John J. Oliver. John J. Oliver's son, Joseph C. lived in the household of William H. Oliver. A recent YDNA test supports our belief John J. Oliver is our ancestor.

lineage Louisa Emily Pendleton

Generation No. 22.

William H.2(John J.1) Oliver was born about 1832 and died Aug 23, 1864 at Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA. He married Serena Allen, June 13, 1854.William and Serena were married in Tallapoosa Co., AL but lived in Chambers Co., AL.

According to the 1860 census, William's real estate was worth 3000, his personal estate, 3500. He enlisted with the 3rd Regiment, Alabama Infantry as a private in Company F, Sep 1, 1862.

I believe Serena was the daughter of Churchill Allen.  This is pure speculation but she did name one of her sons Churchill Allen.  The Allen name was passed down.  One of my brother's middle name is Allen.

Children of William H. Oliver and Serena Allen:

3 i. Francis Marion, b. Sep 28, 1855, Chambers Co., AL, died Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt Co., TX, Feb 19, 1930, m. Mrs. Ellen A. Hall, m. Nancy Clementine Parker4
ii. Churchill Allen, b. June 1857, Chambers Co., AL, d. May 1, 1930, Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK iii. Sarah Emma, b. about 1859, Chambers Co., AL, m. John W. Nix Sep 23, 1877, Tallapoosa Co., AL
iv. Mary Jane, b. about 1862, Chambers Co, AL, m. George W. Crowder Jun 5, 1890, Clay Co., AL

Generation No. 33.

Francis Marion3Oliver(William H.,2 John J.1,) was born Sep 28, 1855 probably in Chambers Co., AL and died Feb 19, 1930 in Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt Co., TX. He first married Mrs. Ellen A. Hall Nov 15, 1874 in Tallapoosa Co., AL. He second married Nancy Clementine Parker Nov 12, 1876. She was born Sep 9, 1859 and died March 17, 1935, Van Zandt Co., TX. They are buried in the Colfax Cemetery, Colfax, Van Zandt Co., TX.

Children of Francis Marion Oliver and Nancy Clementine Parker:
i. Minnie Eldora, b. Feb 1, 1878, AL, d. Apr 8, 1923, m. Beverly Alexander Phillips
ii. William Wesley, b. Sep 6, 1879, AL, d. Aug 20, 1955, GA, m. Emma Tisha Powell
iii. Mollie Beatrice, b. Jun 25, 1882, AL, d. May 26, 1907, m. Henry Hardie Phillips iv. Fillip Thomas, b. Jul 24, 1883, Al, d. Jul 30, 1954, Hobbs, Lea Co., NM, m. Osie Pearl Jones v. James Francis, b. Oct 1, 1885, AL, d. Apr 15, 1969, m. Minnie Ballard
vi. Alice Clementine, b. May 12, 1889 AL, d. Jul 13, 1985, m. Green Henry Ballard vii. Panetta Osella "Ella", b. Sep 16, 1892, AL, d. Mar 3, 1940, Midland Co., TX, m. Henry Hardie Phillips
viii. Curtis Ceburn, b. Feb 16, 1897, d. Sep 12, 1955, Colorado City, Mitchell Co., TX, m. Sophia Dean White
ix. Bessie May, b. Nov 3, 1898, AL, d. Sep 3, 1971, m. Will Carpenter
x. Churchill Allen, b. Apr 4, 1903, AL, d. Dec 7, 1979, Colorado City, Mitchell Co., TX, m. Lola Inex McCain4.

Churchill Allen4Oliver(William H.,2 John J.1,) was born June 1857 in Chambers Co., AL and died May 1,1930 in Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK. He married Nancy F. Thompson April 11, 1878 in Chambers Co., AL. She was born Dec 23,1859 and died March 22, 1935, Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK.

They are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Garvin Co., OK.  I believe the name on Allen's tombstone is Alan C. Oliver.  Likely this is simply the name he used and not the name given to him at birth.  To this day I don't know if my Grandfather was named William Jesse Oliver or Jesse William Oliver.  

Sometime after Allen's father died in the Civil War he was removed from his family home. This would be the beginning of a migration lasting some 50 years. His son Jesse said when he was 20 years old he had moved 21 times.

Children of Churchill Allen Oliver and Nancy Thompson:

i. Selimma "Limma", b. March 1879, m. L. Cauldwell Dec 16, 1900 in Franklin Co., AL5
ii. Jesse William, b. October 12, 1882, AL, d. Feb 16, 1967, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, m. Alice Victoria Johnston iii.
Marvin V., b. March 1885
iv. George C, b. Feb 1887, m. Lela Taylor6 v. Elvin James, b. Dec 1, 1890 Colbert Co., AL, d. May 2, 1959, Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK, m. Nannie Johnston
vi. Marion J., b. July 1891
vii. Thomas C., b. June 1893
viii. Noah L., b. March 1895 ix. Claude, b. about 1904

My favorite story about my Grandpa Oliver (Jesse) concerns him buying his one and only automobile.  He had little idea how to drive it but managed to get it home.  Neighbors said they could hear him yelling as he approached his home, "Alice, open the gate!"  Apparently she got the gate opened in time for him to drive through it and I guess he got the car stopped in the hall of the barn.  He nor anyone else ever drove it after that day.

Generation No. 45. Jesse William5Oliver(Churchill Allen3, William H.,2 John J.1) was born Oct 12, 1882 in AL and died Feb 16, 1967 in Franklin Co., AL. He married Alice Victoria Johnston July 8, 1906 in Franklin Co., AL. She was born Feb 23, 1887 and died Feb 1, 1966, Franklin Co., AL. They are buried in the Dempsey cemetery.Children of Jesse William Oliver and Alice Victoria Johnston:7

i. William Harvey Oliver, b. June 25, 1907, Vina, Franklin Co.,AL, d. Jan 1979, Russellville, Franklin Co. AL, m. Lois Ethel Townsend
ii. Willie, b. May 31, 1909, Vina, Franklin Co. Al, d. Jul 17, 1989, Elaine, Phillips Co. AR, m. Bertha Humphries
iii. Sebern, b. Jun 3, 1911, Vina, Franklin Co. AL, d. Mar 1981, Russellville, Franklin Co. AL, m. Ethel McKinney
iv. Rome Ernest, b. Aug 10, 1914, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, d. Jul 1979, Russellville, Franklin Co. AL, m. Marie Stanphill
v. Gertha, b. Oct 7, 1920, Vina, Franklin Co., AL m. Foster Scott
vi. Edward, b. May 31, 1933, AL, m. Martha Armstrong

My Mother was always religious but after age 75 or so she became almost fanatical.  Once I was at Junior's house with several of my family including Mother and Aunt Gertha (who we all called  Gerthie).  When Mother got ready to leave she turned to Gerthie and said, "If I don't see you again in this life, I'll see you in the next."
"Lois",  Gerthie said, "I'm not done with this one yet."

The next time I saw my Aunt Gertha, Mother was dead and Aunt Gertha had been to Ireland.  There was only four years difference in their age.

6. Elvin James6Oliver(Churchill Allen3, William H.,2 John J.1) was born Dec 1, 1890 in Colbert Co., and died May 2, 1959 in Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK. He married Nannie Johnston. She was born Dec 23, 1888 and died June 14, 1945, in Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK.

Children of Elvin James Oliver and Nannie Johnston:

8 i. Dorena, b. April 4, 1911, Vina, Franklin Co.,AL, died Jul 6, 2002, m. Granville Graham Young ii. James Thirston, b. 1913, died 1996
iii. Allen John, b. May 24, 1915,
iv. Willie Lloyd "Bill", b. Mar 15, 1917, died May 4, 1995, Okemah, Okfuskee Co., OK
v. Marvin Coyt., b. Mar 15,1919, died May 25, 1995, Tucson, Pima Co., AZ
vi. Elvin Grafton "Monk", b. Apr 27, 1922, died June 20, 1995
vii. James Harold, b. Nov 24, 1924, Garvin Co., OK viii. Rosie Lorene "Sis", b. Jan 27, 1926, Garvin Co., OK, died May 16, 1998

Generation No. 57.

William Harvey 7Oliver(Jesse William4, Churchill Allen3, William H.2 John J.1) was born June 25, 1907, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, died Jan, 1979, Russellville, Franklin Co., AL. He married Lois Ethel Townsend July 23, 1933. She was born Oct 21, 1916, Vina, Franklin Co., AL.

William Harvey was a Minister, farmer, factory worker and late in life a store owner. He was well known in rural areas of Franklin and Colbert Co., AL and Tishomingo Co., MS. He is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Franklin Co., AL.  My favorite story about "Daddy" as we called him was related to my brother Junior by Virgil Hatton with whom Dad car pooled.  It was Dad's turn to drive and as they crossed the rail road tracks at Littleville the car engine died.  At the same time they heard a train coming.  Virgil said that they, without speaking word, got out of the car, pushed it off the tracks and headed on to work after cranking the car .  The near accident was never mentioned.  

Children of William Harvey Oliver and Lois Ethel Townsend:
i. Mary Jean., b. Apr 26, 1948, Vina, Franklin Co.,AL m. Jack Davis
ii. William Harvey Oliver Jr., b. Oct 26, 1936, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, d. Apr 18, 2001, Russellville, Franklin Co. AL, m. Betty Taylor
iii. Paul Barnes Feb 20, 1940, b., Vina, Franklin Co., AL, m. Marcene Hand
iv. Silas, b. Nov 1, 1941, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, m. Annette Mayfield
v. Jerry Allen, Jan 4, 1944, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, d. Mar 1986, Russellville, Franklin Co., AL, m. Peggy Montgomery
vi. David Larry, b. Apr 26, 1948, Vina, Franklin Co., AL, m. Marsha Wilson

William Harvey Oliver, Jr. "Junior" was gifted mechanically. He owned and operated a diesel engine repair business near the Tharptown community in Franklin County, Alabama. As a small boy my Mother would often get angry with him because he would carry an oil can in his pocket.  Of course the oil can leaked.

8. Dorena 8Oliver(Elvin James5, Churchill Allen3, William H.,2 John J.1) was born April 4, 1911 in Vina, Franklin Co., AL and died Jul 6, 2002. She married Granville Graham Young. He was born Jan 14, 1906 in Cheek, OK.

References:Marriage record of William H. Oliver and Serena Allen, 13 June 1854, Bk 3, pg 188
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William N. Johnston

Generation No. 1

1. William Nathan/Newton1 Johnston was born Aug 4, 1824 and died July 31, after 1880. His father was Nathan Johnston. He married Nancy Rollins about 1845. She was born Dec 1, 1830 and died 1888. Her father was Jesse Rollins. William and Nancy are buried in the Patterson-Strickland cemetery in Franklin County, Alabama.

Very little of William and Nancy's life has been passed to their descendants. What has been passed down has lost authenticity in the telling. My father told me William's middle name was Newton, he was from Virginia and he owned a section of land at the old home place. The majority of William's descendants believe his middle name was Nathan. The 1870 US Federal Census lists his occupation as Mechanic, his real estate value as $500 and his personal estate as $400.

Children of William Nathan Johnston and Nancy Rollins:
i. Martha Ann, b. Mar 1846
ii. {John?}Peter, b. Jul 1, 1847, d. Sep 5, 1908, Franklin Co., Al, m. Arminda ?, m. Nancy Townsend2
iii. Andrew Jackson, b. Dec 17, 1849, m. Margaret ?
iv. Sarah J., b. May 1855
v. Matilda, b. 18573
vi. James Madison, b. Dec 1857, m. Emma A. ?
vii. Margret Emeline "Aunt Em", b. Jun 1861, m. Riley Ozbirn4
viii. Charles William, b. 1862, d. 1920, m. Rosa Catherine (Taylor) Stout

According to my Father's sister, Gertha, one of these women was known as Aunt Puss.  Gertha did not know which one.

The reason I have shown Rosa Catherine's last name as Taylor is based on my personal belief.  The documentation is sketchy.  I believe I found her in the 1870 census living in the house of Francis Taylor.  She was listed as "Rosy."  The birth dates match exactly to her tombstone if you transpose the month and date.

My Father told me his great grandmother had three children and then married a Stout.  Of course it would have been scandalous at that time and reason enough to try to hide the fact.  Francis Taylor was the daughter of Pleasant Taylor's second wife, Sarah Jackson.  At least two of the descendants of Pleasant's first wife told me basically the same thing my Father did.  They however, added some details.  They said that all of Francis' children belonged to the same man - John Taylor - no relation to Pleasant.

Generation No. 2

2. Andrew Jackson2(William Nathan1) Johnston was born Dec 17, 1849. He married Margaret E. ? abt. 1875.Children of Andrew Jackson Johnston and Margaret E.:

i. Ollie B., b. Nov 2, 1876, d. Jun 4, 1882
ii. Robert C., b. May, 2, 1878, d. May 29, 1889
iii. Arthur B., b. Aug 17, 1883, d. Jul 18, 1884
iv. Cora E., b. Dec 1884
v. Carrie L., b. Aug 1885
vi. William A., b. Mar 1888
vii. Dollie, b. Jun 28, 1890, d. July 18, 1890
viii. John B., b. May 1891
ix. D. R., b. Feb 18933.

James Madison3(William Nathan1) Johnston was born Dec 1857. He married Emma A. ? abt. 1881

i. John Riley., b. Aug 19, 1882
ii. Hattie R., b. Jul 1885
iii. Fred O., b. Aug 1, 1887, Franklin Co., AL
iv. Robert F., b. Apr 13, 1889, Franklin Co., AL
v. Lena O., b. May 1890
vi. James Bradford, b. Mar 8, 1894, d. Apr 25, 1912
vii. Dona M., b. Nov 18, 1896, d. Apr 25, 1912
viii. Clarence Columbus, b. Dec 8, 1899, Lee Co., MSJames Bradford and Dona M. died in a train collision. They are buried in the Brewer cemetery in Lee Co., MS.

4. Charles William4(William Nathan1) Johnston was born 1862 and died 1920, Vina, Franklin Co., AL. He married Rosa Catherine {Taylor} Stout. She was born in Alabama {May 10, 1872} and died Jan 6, 1906 in Vina, Franklin Co., AL. She was the daughter of Frances A. Taylor Stout and unknown. Charles William and Rosa are buried in the Weatherbee cemetery in Franklin County, Alabama.  It is rumored Rosa's Father was John Taylor, no relation to her Grand Father, Pleasant Taylor.

Dorena Oliver Young; A granddaughter remembers...She said her grandfather and great grandfather were both red-headed and then their hair turned white. Charles William would set the grandchildren around his rocker, lapse into an Irish/Scottish brogue and tell stories of Ireland.

Children of Charles William Johnston and Rosa Catherine Taylor Stout:

i. Lillie, b. Oct 1886, married Luther Shewbart5
ii. John William, b. Nov 1887, d. Feb 15, 1946, married Annie C. Gasaway6
iii. Nannie, b. Dec 23, 1888, d. June 14, 1945, married Elvin James Oliver7
iv. Alice Victoria, b. Feb 23, 1889, died Feb 1, 1966 married Jesse William Oliver8
v. James Arthur, b. Mar 24,1890, d. Aug 1950, married Mary Alice Ezzell
vi. Claudy, b. Apr 1884, m. Mertie Yielding
vii. Charlie Floyd "Willie", b. Mar 1895, d. 1987, m. Lee Miller

Generation No. 35. John William5(William Nathan1) Johnston was born Nov 1887 and died Feb 15, 1946. He married Annie C. Gasaway.Children of John William Johnston and Annie Gasaway:

i. William C., b. abt 1911, Franklin Co., AL
ii. Charlie C., b. abt 1913, Franklin Co., AL
iii. Altie O., b. abt 1916, Franklin Co., AL
iv. John C., b. abt 1918, Franklin Co, AL
v. Durwood
vi. Rosa May
vii. Finis A., b. 1930, Helena AR6.

Nannie 6(Charles William4, William Nathan1) Johnston was born Dec 23, 1888 in Vina, Franklin Co., AL and died June 14, 1945 in Wynnewood, Garvin Co. OK. She married Elvin James Oliver. He was born Dec 1, 1890 in Colbert Co. AL, and died Wynnewood, Garvin Co., OK

7. Alice Victoria 7(Charles William3, William Nathan1) Johnston was born Feb 23, 1887 in Vina, Franklin Co., AL and died Feb 1, 1966 in Vina, Franklin Co., AL. She married Jesse William Oliver. He was born Oct 12, 1882 in AL, and died Vina, Franklin Co., AL.

8. James Arthur 8(Charles William3, William Nathan1) Johnston was born Mar 24, 1890 in Franklin Co., Alabama and died Aug. 1950 in Helena, Phillips Co., Arkansas. He married Mary Alice Ezzell Nov 25, 1909. She was born Oct 13, 1887, the daughter of Thomas Ezzell and Sarah Dillard.

Lois Townsend Oliver said when she was a little girl she saw Arthur and his family passing in a wagon. Her mother said they were going to Arkansas. A few years later Lois' husband-to-be would be living with Arthur and his family in Arkansas. According to James Carl, Arthur's son, Charlie Floyd moved in December 1928 and was the first of the Johnstons to move. They were followed by Arthur who moved on Elbert's birthday.

Children of James Arthur Johnston and Mary Alice Ezzell

i. Claudie A., m. Vergie Smith
ii. Audie Mae, b. Mar 24, 1911, d. Aug 26, 1975, m. Amon Jordan
iii. Elbert Arthur, b. Jan 11, 1913, d. Aug 31, 1980, Shreveport, Caddo Co., LA
iv. Crystal Rose, b. Jul 17, 1914, d. Mar 20, 1989, m. Robert Smith
v. Sarah Oma, b. Jan 31, 1916, d. Feb 1985, m. Cecil Powell
vi. Mary Louise, b. Jul 26, 1919, d. Dec 23, 1967, m. Murel Goldman
vii. Ruby Oniece, b. Sep 16, 1921, d. Oct 2, 1979, m. Grover Avant
viii. Martha Jewel, b. Sep 12, 1923, d. 1920, d. Nov 6, 1985, m. Burdette Bennett
ix. James Carl, b. Jun 20, 1925, m. Freda Crum
x. Vera Virginia, b. Oct 10, 1928, d. Nov 24, 1990, m. Joseph Fuller
xi. Margaret Nell, b. Nov 29, 1931, m. Douglas Johnson

US Federal Census, Franklin Co., AL, 1850
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US Federal Census, Franklin Co., AL, Belgreen, District 23, 1900
US Federal Census, Franklin Co., AL, Pleasant Site, District 86, Precinct 4, 1910

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